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TWO YEARS OF MINI-RPGs, 2017 - 2019

For two years, I wrote and published one game a month, sometimes more. Here they are in a single volume*, along with 6 bonus games!

You'll find a bit of everything in these 32 games: some are funny, some are sad, some are GMless, some are played in campaigns, one is a LARP, one is an escape room, one is a writing game, some are poetic, some are heroic...
Here's a one-liner to tell you what each is about!

· The Anti-Paradox Brigade: clueless time agents on a mission!
· Last Escape: pensioners on a run for the last time!
· The Disorder Suit: flowers trapped in a human body!
· Frayed in the Freezing Night...: cuddly toys against nightmares!
· YOU ARE A TREE: magical trees in a struggling world!
· After School Investigations: teenagers turned detectives!
· Saturday Night Forever: ghosts trapped in a time loop!
· The Doppelgänger Effect: the same person from parallel realities!
· Until Dawn Comes: constellations telling tales!
· Robonimals: animal robots trapped in a lab!
· VIOLENCE/SEX/POOP: disgusting stuff I regret writing!
· The 🔑 to Dreams: dreamers in a shared dream!
· YWBMBIGTTR: Victorian explorers prone to exaggeration!
· HHCSHTMOTW: late friends with no sound excuses!
· It Was a Clear and Sunny Day: people obsessed with signs!
· Death in Venice: Death and someone who doesn't want to die!
· Piracy & Poetry: poets turned pirates or the other way around!
· Hungry Cities: curious travelers and the city who wants to keep them in!
· The Seal Will be Broken: members of a secret society desperately trying to keep an Old God asleep!
· The Egyptian Job: zombie Egyptian animals robbing a museum!
· Murder in the Quantum Monastery: monks accused of a quantum murder!
· The · Creator · and · the · Creature: a scientist and the creature fleeing from them!
· One Minute to Midnight: broken robots on a dying planet!
· Fortunately, You Were There: friends after a hard time!
· The Doppelgänger Project: agents visiting parallel cities!
· The Stele at the Heart of the Plains: wanderers in an hallucinated landspace!
· Poison Your Pen with Revenge: a poison-pen writer and the community they threaten!
· Think About What you Want and Push the Button: someone trapped in an escape room!
· Last Dungeon: grieving explorers!
· The Interrogation: a criminal and a detective in a tense face to face!
· The Dead Body in Your Head: friends after they committed murder!
· Here & Now: the same place at different times, or the same time in different places!
· Total Remix!: a remix of all the above!

* If you ever bought one of my games before, get in touch with proof of purchase and I'll gladly send you a discount!

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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0 - Two Years of Mini-RPGs (low resolution).pdf 11 MB
0 - Two Years of Mini-RPGs.pdf 64 MB
1 - The Anti-Paradox Brigade.pdf 256 kB
2 - Last Escape.pdf 715 kB
3 - The Disorder Suit.pdf 805 kB
4 - Frayed in the Freezing Night....pdf 2 MB
5 - YOU ARE A TREE.pdf 694 kB
6 - After School Investigations.pdf 498 kB
7 - Saturday Night Forever.pdf 1 MB
8 - The Dopelgänger Effect.pdf 1 MB
9 - Until Dawn Comes.pdf 437 kB
10 - Robonimals.pdf 762 kB
11 - VIOLENCE/SEX/POOP.pdf 1,000 kB
12 - The 🔑 to Dreams.pdf 295 kB
14 - It Was a Clear and Sunny Day.pdf 417 kB
15 - Death in Venice.pdf 364 kB
16 - Piracy & Poetry.pdf 1 MB
17 - Hungry Cities.pdf 1 MB
18 - The Seal Will be Broken.pdf 1 MB
19 - The Egyptian Job.pdf 523 kB
20 - Murder in the Quantum Monastery.pdf 631 kB
21 - The · Creator · and · the · Creature.pdf 944 kB
22 - One Minute to Midnight.pdf 3 MB
23 - Fortunately, You Were There.pdf 533 kB
24 - The Doppelgänger Project.pdf 2 MB
25 - The Stele at the Heart of the Plains.pdf 987 kB
26 - Poison Your Pen with Revenge.pdf 1 MB
27 - Think About What You Want and Push the Button.pdf 730 kB
28 - Last Dungeon.pdf 15 MB
29 - The Interrogation.pdf 2 MB
30 - The Dead Body in Your Head.pdf 1 MB
31 - Here & Now.pdf 4 MB
32 - Total Remix!.pdf 2 MB


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Hi, I'm very interested in your games. Which ones can be played with 2 players and no GM?

Hi! Death in Venice and The Creator and the Creature and The Interrogation are specifically written for 2 players and no GM.

Other than those, I would say Last Escape, Frayed in the Freezing Night..., It was a Clear and Sunny Day and Hungry Cities should probably run fine with only 2 players (they're all GMless games). The Seal will be Broken, One Minute to Midnight, The Stele at the Heart of the Plains and Here/Now might, although it may cause pacing issues.

Thanks for your interest! I hope you get a chance to play some of those :)

Thanks, I'll give these a try with by best friend ;)