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Sounds both fun and novel. How do i get a hardcopy please ?

I should set them up by the end of the month! If you want one before that, please drop me a line: come DOT martin AT gmail DOT com and I'll see what I can do :)

Thanks ! Take care


A sort of light hearted yet high stakes type of narrative, i love how the game states it's about weird, not horror. I feel we get too much horror already, and this is a great switch of mentality for this type of exploration/investigation game! 

The system is super intuitive and easy and brings cool mechanics to the table, such as the escalation of the Odd, which modifies a good portion of the game, escalating the weirdness to a whole new level.

And finally, i LOVE that this game has a pleyer's advice section. I feel like we don't get enough of this. It helps set expectations and avoid "videogame-y" behaviors that some people carry over from digital games into ttrpg. This helps to create a more cohesive and immersive experience for the table as a whole.

I love it 5/5


What is the biggest Dungeon of our times ?

A crazy mall, of course !

This game is absolutely perfect to play with light rules a dungeon crawling with the tone and the energy of our modern lives.

It makes me feel I'm in a movie with parts of Brazil, Strangers Things, Zombiland, the Goonies and a bit of Terry Pratchett !

A must to read, a must to play !


Sounds amazing!


It is !