Des règles et 4 scénarios pour débutant·e·s !
32 RPGs in a single collection!
32 jeux de rôle en un seul recueil !
A writing game about vengeance, secrets and investigations.
Wandering through hallucinated landscapes in search for a hopeless redemption.
Explore the multiverse before giant slugs devour it.
An escape-room puzzle which you can play only once, leaving clues for the next players.
13 1/2 mini-RPGs in one volume!
Two games about telling tall tales.
Two Dreamers wander through a strange Dream...
Look, I'm sorry about this game.
You just woke up and there's a Thing after you. Will you escape safely?
You're Constellations telling stories to an Astronomer.
You're the same person from parallel realities, travelling the multiverse together!
You died during a party but your ghosts are going to fix that.
Teenage sleuths try to balance their investigation with their personal issues
and you must defend humans, animals or nature against each other!
Cuddly toys versus nightmares on a dark and snowy night.
You're flowers trapped in a human suit, trying to get home!
You've escaped from your retirement home, for one last adventure!
You're not the best time agents, you're the only ones left.
A friend of yours has disappeared, and this leads to metaphysical revelations.
A nightlifer tries to escape Death. Will they do so forever?
Poet pirates roam through the 12 seas & have all sorts of adventures!
Travelers wander through a mysterious City which wants to keep them within its walls.
Acolytes are trying for years to keep an Old God asleep. Eventually, they fail.
One of the Monks is dead, or are they? Change the rules while playing!
A scientist runs after its escaped creation, which wants to become more human.
Broken robots on a dying planet
A game about a group of friends who reminisce how they supported each other through the hardships.
You're undead Egyptian animals and you're here to rob a museum!